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Volcan Surf Kit is available through Cocktail Courier for National Tequila Day

National Tequila Day is Sunday and I’ve been getting all kinds of fun deliveries to celebrate. Unboxing goodies for National Tequila Day,  I wanted to share a couple of the more interesting packages.

Tequila Beach Kit

This one is from Volcan Tequila. It’s the same brand that hosted a cocktail contest this week at LYNQ that I was fortunate enough to judge. They make blanco, reposado and anejo. This kit includes the blanco which is more traditionally used for mixing cocktails. You can purchase this gift through Cocktail Courier. This site always has fun sets to pick from.

Uboxing Volcan Tequila Surf Kit

Unboxing this cool surf kit from Volcan Tequila to get ready for National Tequila Day on July 24. It's available through Cocktail Courier.

Tequila look alike

FLYBIRD Margarita caught me off guard. I thought at first it was just another premixed cocktail but it’s different. Instead of using tequila, which is made from blue agave, this is made from agave wine. It still comes from Mexico. I love the tag line of Just Add Ice. Simplicity for the win.

I tried the Paloma and it was a refreshing, pleasant surprise. The acid grapefruit flavors are nicely balanced with a little sweetness. However, a little salt on the rim would make it perfect.

Wine based spirits are often used by restaurants that don’t have liquor licenses and when used in mixed drinks like Bloody Mary’s and such, it is sometimes hard to tell the difference.

Unboxing FLYBIRD Margarita for National Tequila Day

Getting ready for National Tequila Day on July 24th, the folks from FLYBIRD sent this ready to drink margarita. It doesn't have tequila, rather an agave base...

Unboxing goodies for National Tequila Day, I’ll be experimenting with these and let you know how they are. I’ve been told that more tequila is on the way. That being said, tomorrow, be sure to check back for more fun with tequila here. I’ll share some cocktail recipes and more.