SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - MAY 04: Tom Cruise attends the "Top Gun: Maverick" world premiere on May 04, 2022 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images,,)

Tom Cruise “Top Gun: Maverick” reaches new heights at the box office. The summer movie has broken the seal of the Top 10 all-time grossing movies, that’s in North America.

The latest “Top Gun” movie has only been out for two  months, two months, and it just hit the number 9 spot for top grossing films. Raking in 623.8 million, it bumped “The Avengers” out of #9. “Maverick” is now chasing down the current number eight which is “Jurassic World” with 653 million.

Tom Cruise Top Gun

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – MAY 06: Tom Cruise attends the Mexico Premiere of “Top Gun: Maverick” at Cinepolis Parque Toreo on May 06, 2022 in Mexico City, Mexico. (Photo by Hector Vivas/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures)

Industry experts think it will happen. However, they think its a stretch for the movie to break the elusive top 5 seal.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens currently sits at #1 with a whopping $936.6 million.

Tom Cruise “Top Gun: Maverick” reaches new heights and so does Tommy boy. He stands to rake in 100 million. Not a bad payout.

If you have not seen the movie yet, this a good site for finding out where it is playing locally. It also has show times. I like websites that make my life easier.

As you can see from this recent photo, Tom Cruise is suited up, looking slick for his movie premiere in Mexico. You won’t believe what another leading man recently wore. If anyone can get away with it, it’s Brad Pitt.