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Lounging on the beach in Bonaire

If you need a mental escape today, then you have to see these five dreamy escapes for TikTok Tuesday. Just picture yourself right in the middle of one of these scenes and take a few deep breaths.. Aahhhhh.

If I win the Mega Millions lottery, one of the things I would do, would be to take time off and travel to all of the places on my bucket list. I would also take my friends along.  While we are dreaming of winning that crazy jackpot today, I thought I’d share a few videos of breathtaking places that you can add to those dreams.

This water in this first one is simply stunning. I want to be floating in it right now, with a colorful tropical cocktail in hand. WOW.

And this one, it’s like something from the movies. It’s a fairytale come to life. Imagine taking a walk and coming across this magnificent spot. It’s so serene and beautiful.


I want to watch its four seasons with you#landscape #foryou #scenery #love

♬ original sound - kaixinbb88

Room with a View

I want to stay in this room! Waking up to this scene would be killer. The problem is, I don’t think I would ever leave. Hello? Room service?


Pool or ocean? Can’t decide? Choose both! 😅💦 @discoversoneva #maldives #summerdays #vaction #bestresort

♬ Summer Days - Martin Garrix / Macklemore / Patrick Stump

This landscape also looks like something from the movies. A scene I would not mind staring in at all. It’s always cool when you can get both the mountains and the water together.

Water and Mountains

Talk about a water and mountain combo. This one is spectacular for sure. It looks so clean and pristine, a perfect spot for a picnic with a basket of wine and cheese. 

For those who love to day dream and/or travel, enjoy these five dreamy escapes for TikTok Tuesday. Also check out some of the sights from beautiful Bonaire, my latest dreamy escape. In the meantime, we have some pretty amazing places to visit in Florida. Here are some great beaches to check out until you’re ready to buy a plane ticket for an exotic escape.