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Wine glass outside, bug free so far

It happens a lot in Southwest Florida, unwanted objects in beverages while sitting outside.  If you are wondering how to remove a bug from your glass, I’ve got a great life hack.

But First

One of my friends was sitting inside of a café yesterday watching this scene unfold outside of the window. Watch this video. Can you see how happy this bug looks swimming around in this gentleman’s glass? Click on the YOUTUBE link below to watch.

Bug in Wine Glass

I've dreamed of swimming in a tub of Champagne, this bug likes cabernet. What is most curious is the gentleman who continues to drink from the glass obliviou...

Here is where the story gets good. He has not seen the bug and continues to pick the glass up, and without looking, sips from it. My friend is beside herself, she calls me for a play by play, just waiting for him to swallow the bug.

Dining outdoors you are bound to end up with a leaf, bug, or something foreign in your glass.  Here is a great life hack, how to remove a bug from your glass, and go on with your meal.

It’s not the severs fault, yet many diners feel as if they have been horribly wronged when this happens and demand attention, maybe a fresh glass. So  think of this next time you hand your glass over for action. Chances are they are servers going to do the same thing I just did. And then bring it back to you.

The way I see it, the alcohol has hopefully killed most of the germs that were on that bug. I know its gross. None of us like to see bugs in or around our food and beverages, but they are all over the place all of the time. We have to remember when choosing to sit outside, that we are now in the bug’s environment. We are taking a calculated risk every time. Quite frankly, the risk is worth it to enjoy some of the amazing views we have in Southwest Florida.

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