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A strange encounter with an alligator and a hawk

Alligator encounters. Live in Florida long enough and almost everyone has a story. There is something mesmerizing about alligators. They look fierce. They look prehistoric. And when they are wondering the sidewalks in a residential neighborhood they stop people in their tracks. In my instance, I slammed on my brakes trying to grab my phone to capture the scene that was unfolding.

What first caught my eye was a hawk that swooped down a few yards in front of my car and landed on the ground. It seemed odd, so I slowed down to take a look. It was sitting in the grass, staring down a decent size alligator. Click on the YOUTUBE video here or below to watch.


When a hawk swooped down in front of my car and landed on the grass, it caught my attention. Not sure why he was policing this gator, in my neighborhood, by ...

What do you suppose was going on here? Friends and I have speculated as to why this hawk was keeping watch on the reptile. Was it protecting its nearby babies? Were both of them on the hunt for the same lunch? Any ideas?

And what about this video? More fowl and reptile action. By the way, this guy is really funny to follow if you are on TikTok.

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