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LÔTELI Pool Floats fashioned after a nostalgic cassette tape for fun in the sun

Check out this cool pool float. As a radio gal and an a former lover of the infamous “mix tapes,” this one makes me smile. It’s one of my fabulous finds.

This giant inflatable cassette tape float is from LÔTELI Pool Floats. According to their team, it has been one of their bestsellers this summer. The float is extra large so it can fit two people. In addition, it cleverly has a Side A and Side B, so you can flip and float on any side you’d like.

The colors are said to be fade-resistant. But wait, there’s more. If you hate blowing up floats, especially large ones like this, it’s supposedly easy. There is this special valve that makes both inflation and deflation faster. It is also said to minimizes air leaks and makes it easier to ‘top off’ with extra air when you need it. I don’t have one so I can neither confirm nor deny these claims. However, I’m about to order one so I’ll let you know.

One more thing. I love hearts. This brand also makes a heart float that resembles the signature donut shaped float. It comes in a variety of colors, including metallic, and is much smaller if you have a small space to float around. You don’t want to take up too much space in your condo or apartment pool. Might just have to get one of those too.

This cool pool float would also be perfect for packing up and taking to one of Florida’s cool springs. Just look at beautiful they are.