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The hole in my tire after running over an unknown object on the way to work

Driving home from Sunny 106-3 Tuesday, I hit every green light, literally every one. It was amazing. Then Wednesday happened. I was faced with finding the good when your road gets bumpy, literally and figuratively.

It was dark, like 5:30am dark, and I was almost to the station when I heard a loud noise. I ran over some small object in the road that did big damage to my tire.

I was stranded, waiting for roadside assistance as the clock was ticking to the start of my show.

Work Dreams

Now there are two recurring work related nightmares I have. One is that the show has started or is underway and I’m not in the studio. The other is, I see the sun come up and I’m not in the studio. It’s always dark when I get to work.

Both were happening to me and I was overcome with anxiety.

So, I took a few deep breaths, closed my eyes and surrendered.  There was nothing I could do but wait for help. Then I saw the sun coming up. Living part two of my nightmare, ha. So I surrendered again and tried to appreciate what a beautiful sky was unfolding in front of me. Even if it was over a CVS sign.

Changing a tire

Roadside assistance, changing my tire

When assistance arrived, he told me I was lucky I didn’t hit the object with my front tire as it could’ve resulted in a crash. His parting words were, “Don’t let this ruin your day.”

I wanted to say “too late” but instead said “thank you, I wont.”

I was thinking about that phrase this morning and felt someone else needed to hear it. Stupid stuff happens to us every day. Yes, it can mount up and feel suffocating at times. The tire was just the beginning of a chain of events that continued to unfold for me that day, and really all week. I keep hearing his words, don’t let this ruin your day.

Maybe it’s a mantra that you can embrace. Try finding the good when your road gets bumpy.

I enjoy reading inspirational and personal growth books. One of my favorites is The Four Agreements by Don Ruiz. The concepts here are so simple but can be so challenging. It’s a good one to pick up next time your shopping online or near a bookstore.