Human Interest

I’m super stoked about this week’s Fabulous Find. Check out this old school, cassette tape computer case.  I’m not sure how I ended up on computer covers while messing around on Amazon over the weekend. But there it was. It made me smile. So I moved it to my cart to “think about it.” You can see how that ended up. I actually forgot I ordered it until it arrived this week and there was NO buyer’s remorse when I pulled it out of the bag yesterday.

cassette tape computer case

This computer case brings back the nostalgia of the cassette tape.

It fits my 13 inch MacBook Air with just a little room to spare which is nice. The company that sells these cool covers is Funky Planet. The case smelled a little funky too. You know that manufactured kind of smell? But it’s working it’s way out.

cassette tape computer case

This compact cassette tape computer case slides perfectly in a carry on or purse.

My new cassette tape computer case also fits into this great little bucket bag I picked up over the summer, It not only fits, but it also kind of matches. I like to coordinate things.

At one point in my life, I amassed quite a collection of cassette tapes. I probably had four big cases full of them. And the mix tapes? Don’t get me started.  Back in the day when there was no Spotify, Pandora, and such, the mix tape was king. Remember?

While we’re on the subject of cassette tapes. This was another of my fabulous finds. It’s a pool float that looks very similar to this computer case. Vintage, nostalgic, and for sure fun.