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In a much need sign of recovery from Hurricane Ian, Fort Myers Airport opens today. The airport is also known as Southwest Florida International Airport or by the airport code RSW. RSW is actually said to be the third largest airport in the country as far as land size.

Flight operations today and all week are limited to the hours of 8:30am through 6pm.

The Lee County Port Authority has a few notes of caution for you if you are traveling.

Travel RSW

Lines for TSA could be long so make sure you allow for extra time to navigate during these unprecedented times.

Security Check

TSA security checks begin at 7am


Some airlines might be operating out of different concourses than they typically do. Check the boards rather than assume.

Concessions at Fort Myers Airport

These will be in short supply. Don’t expect all of the usual amenities at the airport right now


The boil water notice is still in effect so the water fountains are not operational. Restrooms, however, are.


long and short term parking lots are open. However, those shuttles may take a little longer

Rental Cars at Fort Myers Airport

These are limited. It’s best to contact specific companies in advance.

If you are wondering about that 7-Eleven convenience store located on property, it is open. Just know that supplies found on the shelves may be limited.

Fort Myers Airport opens along with others in Southwest Florida.