Young Woman With Red Chili Pepper Isolated in black background.

Spicy Food Lovers Believe They Are Hot Stuff.

Have you heard the saying “you are what you eat” before? Evidently, it might be accurate. If you eat spicy food, you probably feel hotter than usual. Like hot literally. I distinctly recall once becoming a big fan of a YouTube channel where people would hang out with celebs and consume spicy wings. I found that to be hilarious.

Who doesn’t enjoy watching famous people being interrogated about heated topics? Seeing them drenched in perspiration from the scorching chicken they just ingested is great. Which is worse, the spiciness of the question or this hot wing? Observing your favorite celebrity flinch is always entertaining. Nowadays, as I watch these videos, I find myself thinking, “I could do that!”

Spicy Food:

As a result, I was thrilled to discover a box at the supermarket that contained samples of all the hot sauces featured in the clips. This was no difficulty for me. To prove to myself that I was extra spicy, I went on to pick up the box of my chosen sauces and brought them to the cash checkout. When I went home, I had to look for a buddy to share this hot sauce with.

Someone would undoubtedly have the guts to accompany me on this exciting journey. It took me a while to find a friend who shared my belief that the bottle of hot sauce wouldn’t be enough to knock us out.

Opening the box, we then treated ourselves to some wings. In the following second, we would be making fun of our favorite celebs because they lacked our tolerance for extra hot sauce. Oh, how we were mistaken. We were asking for a glass of milk with the third sauce. Ignore your questions! Please bring us some milk! We love spicy cuisine, but not this spicy. This was just ridiculous. Therefore, if you are what you eat, then my friend and I are probably about average. We thought we were hot. We were not.

Hot Stuff:

People who prefer spicy cuisine are more likely to think they are hot, according to a survey on PR News Wire, of 2,000 Americans. 62% of those who enjoy spicy cuisine think they are attractive. To go along with a new “injectable marinade” they have been selling for Thanksgiving turkeys, Frank’s RedHot commissioned the poll.

What degree of heat is appropriate for you, then? According to the survey, “middle” is the answer that 36% of us prefer. Only 7% of us don’t enjoy any amount of spice, while 33% like “mild,” 24% prefer “hot,” and the rest want no spice at all.

Spice Level?

How do you like your spice? Mild people are more likely to identify as shy and empathic. Medium people are composed, inquisitive, and equally fond of both cats and dogs. Hot admirers are more likely to identify as creative, self-assured, and daring. The hotter the food, the more spicy the person. Just try not to show off too much. You may get burned.