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There are a lot of great gadgets out there, however, this electric corkscrew is a best wine gadget For Wine Wednesday. It uses compressed air to release the cork from the bottle.

wine gadget

The Bocavin is different from other electric corkscrews on the market. Many aren’t so reliable and some are actually quite slow. This one is a little boxy, but it is simple, easy and super fast. 

 How this wine gadget works

Step 1 – Just insert the needle into the cork. Push it all the way down until it bottoms and can’t go any further. It works on any cork whether it is synthetic or real. Depending on the material, you might have to push a little harder to get that needle all of the way in there.

Step 2 – Press and hold the button on the handle. As soon as you do that, compressed air is safely pumped through the needle and into the bottle.  That air forces the cork out in three seconds or less. It just pops right out, effortlessly.

Step 3- Slide the cork off the needle. There is a round plastic piece at the base of the cork that makes it easier for you push the cork off the needle.

If you have a dinner party or gathering, this saves your hands. Here is a video of mine from a recent event. See how easy it is.

The Bocavin wine bottle opener is rechargeable. It has a transparent shell around the corkscrew mechanism, so you can see the whole cork removal process. It’s also lightweight. 

So, if you have a wine lover on your holiday shopping list, this might be a great stocking stuffer. I have friends who love gadgets of all kinds. This is perfect for them. It’s also great for people who have trouble using a traditional wine key to open bottles. Perhaps they have hand injuries or arthritis.

Another reason this is a best wine gadget for Wine Wednesday is it’s price. $25 works into most budgets.