Sunny 106.3 and Gulf Coast Humane Society are partnering with Achieva Credit Union to bring our listeners a new friend this year!


Gulf Coast Humane Society is undergoing a renovation in February and we want to assist them to Clear their Shelter before then!

Now – January 28th, Sunny 106.3 will welcome Gulf Coast Humane Society into our studio to create awareness of the importance of pet adoption.

On January 28th, join Sunny 106.3’s Gina Birch live at Gulf Coast Humane Society at 2010 Arcadia Street, Fort Myers from 11am to 2pm and adopt a new furry friend for the new year!

Pet adoption fees will be waived that day as well.

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Most Pet Friendly Florida Cities

The most pet friendly Florida cities, along with others around the nation, have been crowned. Two in the Sunshine State have made the top ten list. The American Pet Products Association says more than 70% of households in the United States are also home to a pet. If your’s is one of them, it’s likely that you also enjoy traveling with your furry friend.

That’s one of the reasons Family Destinations Guide did this research. If you are looking for a pet friendly destination this year, perhaps one of the cities on this list appeals to you. Google searches for “pet-friendly vacation” happen about 4800 times a month according to the report stats. Many people do not want to leave a four legged family member behind if they don’t have too.

Pet Friendly

If you like to travel with your pet, check out this list. It includes the most pet friendly cities in Florida and the U.S.

Pet friendly rankings

In coming up the list, the guide only took into account the 50 most populated American cities.  In addition they looked at vacation rental sites to see how many accommodations in each city that allowed pets. According to the report, the Sunshine State boasts some of the country’s best canine playgrounds. That means dog parks and similar spots where dogs are welcome. In addition, the state has lots of hotels that accommodate pets.

A spokesperson of Family Destinations Guide says, “Pet-friendly vacations are booming. Taking your pet with you on holiday gives you the peace of mind of knowing they are safe and happy. You can enjoy having them by your side to make unforgettable memories together.” 

Here are the most pet friendly Florida cities, along with the rest of the top ten list.

  • #10 New York

  • #9 Chicago

  • #8 Los Angeles

  • #7 Pheonix

  • #6 San Antonio

  • #5 Orlando

  • #4 Jacksonville

  • #3 San Diego

  • #2 Dallas

  • #1 Houston

  • Ready for a new pet?

    Sunny 106.3 is teaming up with Gulf Coast Humane Society to ring n the New Year with a new friend. Gina Birch is broadcasting love Saturday January 28th from 11-2 to help find homes for our furry friends. Pet adoption fees will be waived that day as well. Put it on your calendar.

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