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This hot pink Blazer Is A Fabulous Find.  I found it at Just Lovelee Boutique in Cape Coral yesterday. My birthday is Saturday so I stopped by for a new outfit. This adorable boutique is on 47th Terrace in Cape Coral and has just released its Love Collection. There are all kinds of pinks and reds. Lots of hearts. Hearts on accessories, hearts on T-shirts. Hearts are my jam as well. and when I saw this shirt, I had to get it as well.

fabulous find

Heat shirt at Just Lovelee Boutique

About the hot pink blazer

Fabulous Find

Hot pink blazer with leopard print cuffs from Just Lovelee Boutique

As much as I love the shirt, it’s the hot pink blazer that I could not put down. It’s one of the first items that Lisa, the owner, pointed out to me. The shade of pink is nice and bright, however, it’s also a shade that can match well with other colors. The icing on the cake is the cuff. The cuffs are leopard print. That extra little touch adds a fun and flirty feel. The jacket is really well made. In addition, it’s made from nice  material that was a nice weight to it and it’s lined. But perhaps best of all, it’s also affordable. At $69 it is indeed a fabulous find. The jacket also comes in black.

However, I went in for a birthday outfit. So Lisa also pulled out these two dresses. Which do you like? I posted the question on Facebook so it’s easy to leave a comment. You can also email me here: I’ll let you know in next week’s fabulous find what I picked for the birthday party. In addition, Lisa and Just Lovelee Boutique plan to give a way a gift with purchase for my birthday so be sure to listen in the mornings or check back here. Scroll down for the photo.

Which one?

Fabulous Find

Which dress should I get?