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This might be a shock to you this morning. Don’t panic but there is a Girl Scout Cookie shortage. It’s hard to imagine this is true when you pass by any given Publix Supermarket on any given weekend. Troops are set up, no camped out, with boxes of cookies piled high on fold up tables.

About the Girl Scout Cookie shortage

This is a good news bad news situation. The good news is, most of your long time favorites are still fully stocked. Think Samoas, Do-si-dos, Trefoils, Thin Mints and such. These are still OK. The bad news is, if you have fallen for the new Raspberry Rally it seems as if you are now out of luck. Every year, the Girl Scouts introduce a new cookie or a limited edition flavor. Raspberry Rally is this year’s feature. The cookie has been dubbed  the raspberry version of the iconic Thin Mint. The thin cookie has fruit flavor and is then dipped in chocolate. That sounds all kind of good. A perfect pairing to a nice glass of cabernet wine at the end of a meal.

However, these cookies were apparently only available online and are sold out. Everyone wants them and especially now that they can’t be found. You know what that means right? People who DO have them are becoming cookie entrepreneurs. They are selling them on sites such as Ebay for as much as $20 a box! How much are you willing to pay for a box of cookies? I might just wait this out until next year.

If you have not stocked up on your Girl Scout Cookies yet, click here to be connected to a local troop. Remember, cookie sales are a fund raising project for the girls. The only way the money goes to them is if you buy directly from them.