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Women in wine volume 1 for Women’s History Month is a new feature for Wine Wednesday.  March is Women’s History Month. In addition, today, (March 8th) is International Women’s Day. I can’t think of a better time to highlight female winemakers and owners who are doing cool things.

I’ve been introduced to so many amazing women in the wine business, it’s hard to narrow down which ones to feature. Women are still widely under represented in the wine world. However, more and more of them are making a name for themselves. I thought it appropriate to kick things off with a wine brand that has a touching story. Breathless Wines is a California winery owned and operated by sisters Sharon Cohn, Rebecca Faust, and Cynthia Faust. The wine is made by their honorary 4th sister, Penny Gadd-Coster.

Labels resemble a vintage pin-up poster. The name breathless has many connotations. It’s for all the moments in life that leave you breathless. In addition, it reminds us to never take a single breath for granted. Finally, the name is also in honor of their mother, who gave them breath. Sadly, she died of a rare disease that literally robber her of her breath. You see the pattern here.


This rose is made mostly from pinot noir. Buy it if you find it.

What about the wine

These sparkling wines are methode Champenoise, meaning they are made the same way as wines in Champagne, France. I really like the blanc de blanc which is from chardonnay grapes and the brut, with flavors of apple and citrus, goes down way too easy. The ladies also make a lovely sparkling rose.

Finally, it is the moscato that surprised me the most. I don’t typically like these wines because so  many of them are too sweet for my palate. However, I was reminded here that that is not always the case. This wine is tropical with a just a touch of residual sugar. It is good with spicy food. Try it if you find it


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