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I love, love, love this Fabulous Find: spring dress and accessories. Over the weekend I ventured to one of my favorite places to shop in Cape Coral, Just Lovelee Boutique. I was on a mission. I wanted a new outfit for my one year anniversary party on Monday. One year on the morning show at Sunny 106.3.

Lisa, the owner, began with a series of questions:

  • What time of day is it?
  • Is it indoors or out?
  • Who will be there?

She is really good and has a great eye. She picks out things I never would have pulled off the rack. Take for instance these palazzo pants for my birthday. I adore them.

Fabulous Find

Thanks for your votes, lavender got the most.

Fabulous Find: Spring dress and accessories story

Her spring collection fantastic I tried on several things then narrowed it down to these two dresses. Thanks to all who voted on my facebook page as well as Sunny 106.3. If you are not following either, please give a thumbs up next time your online.

Most people voted for the lilac and I went with it. The tropical sundress is awesome. It has a sculpted bottom and the fabric is really soft. However, it was quite low in the front. Yes this was an outdoor party but a lot of people from my work were stopping by and I didn’t want to be too boob-a-licious if you know what I mean.

The lilac or lavender T-shirt dress ($68) is so comfy. Because it was somewhat understated, we decided to bling it up a bit. The choker necklace ($18) caught my eye the minute I walked in. I know it’s a little Flavor Flav style but I loved the 80’s. And finally, this great faux amethyst ring ($18.) The entire outfit is this week’s Fabulous Find. Check out Just Lovelee Boutique. It’s on SW47th Terrace and Vincennes in Cape Coral, behind the Big John’s Plaza. Thank you guys for making me sparkle and feel like a million bucks.

Gina's One Year Anniversary Party Photos