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Selena Gomez attends Variety's 2022 Hitmakers Brunch at City Market Social House on December 03, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.

Selena Gomez got candid about her dating life on Wednesday (March 15), joking on TikTok that she hasn’t had much luck in the love department. The Only Murders in the Building star was pretty in pink, from her makeup to her baby pink collared shirt.

The 30-year-old actress and singer lip-synced to an audio track that said, “I hate it when girls are like: ‘Oh my gosh, my crush doesn’t even know that I exist.’ Like, girl, my crush doesn’t…even exist.” Gomez went on to hint at her relationship status in the caption. She wrote: “Still out here lookin for him lol.”

Fans also trolled Hailey Bieber in the comments section for copying Selena’s every move. Many also pointed out that although Selena may be single right now, she’s still beloved by many. “It’s okay because you are THE girl crush for literally everyone,” one commenter wrote, while another remarked, “well the whole world is crushing on you right now girl.” One person said, “it’s okay you’ve got half the population to choose from x.”

Some fans were even suggesting Zayn Malik should date Selena. “GIRL, zayn malik is right there,” commented one fan, who received over 37,000 likes. Another fan got over 16,000 likes for commenting, “ZAYN IS RIGHT HERE.”

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Selena seemed unfazed about recent drama surrounding Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner last month, posting another cute TikTok about her love life. Gomez mouthed along to the sound of someone saying, “Guys, I know the reason why I’m single. Apparently, you have to go outside and meet people. Like, you actually have to go outside and talk to them… Yeah, it’s gonna be a ‘no’ for me.”

TikTok's Top 10 Most Viewed Artists of 2022

In 2022, TikTok gave us viral sensations Tariq, aka the “It’s corn!” kid, and learning choreography to dances like Lizzo’s “About Damn Time.” In fact, so many people loved dancing to Lizzo’s song that she became the number one most-viewed artist of 2022.

According to TikTok’s Year on TikTok: 2022, the singer with 26 million followers has the most total video views on the platform. “About Damn Time” was the app’s number four top-trending song, and Lizzo’s TikTok video in which she demonstrates the dance for the hit song came in at seventh place on the trending-videos ranking, according to the company.


Let's celebrate the unforgettable trends, creators and moments that brought us closer together in 2022, a year that's truly ForYou. #YearOnTikTok

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The number one trending song in the U.S. was “Sunroof” by Nicky Youre and Dazy, with TikTok users making some 8.9 million videos featuring the track. The number one most trending U.S. video was a construction of an 8.3-foot-tall chocolate giraffe. The most popular tutorial video was a woman teaching her daughter to get her deaf dad’s attention. Drew Barrymore and Lupita Nyong’o were among the top 10 U.S. “breakthrough” creators on TikTok, registering among the creators with the biggest growth on the platform for the year. “Jiggle Jiggle” was the number one trending sound on the platform, the rap created more than two decades ago by documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux. The audio gained a new life after it was remixed by DJ duo Duke & Jones and became a popular dance on TikTok.

Take a look at the TikTok artists with the most video views throughout 2022 below: