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Check out this week’s Fort Myers Farmer’s Market Find, local organic produce from 12 Seasons Farm. Not only is it beautiful and colorful but it really does taste good. I bought some tomatoes last week, and wait for it…they actually tasted like tomatoes. Ripe, juicy delicious tomatoes. It made me realize how much bad produce I often settle for in big grocery stores.

Health and nutrition experts tell us to eat our fruits and vegetables on one hand. On the other hand, we are encouraged to stay away from chemicals and pesticides. That can be a problem with produce. We don’t always know where it is grown. Then again, even if we do know the name of the farm, we don’t know what the farmers used on the fields for weed, insect and pest control.

That’s where organic comes in. This type of farming is more difficult and more expensive. In addition, the hot humid Florida weather also offers challenges to organic farming. However, it’s generally kinder and gentler on the earth and better for our bodies.

Organic produce

Farmer’s Markets are full of all kinds of produce. Most of it is local, but not all. It can be overwhelming, trying to decide which stand to buy from. For me, I try to support the small growers who are passionate about providing quality, chemical free produce. It tastes better too.  12 Seasons has a small tent at the east end of Lakes Park Farmer’s Market in Fort Myers every Wednesday. However, they also appear at the Bonita Springs Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. They have an online order system as well.

Finally, here are some pictures that might just make you want to get in the kitchen this week.


Fort Myers Farmer's Market Finds, Mini Donuts

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