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These first two pair of shoes kicked off the voting. This pair lost by just a few votes. However, they are one of my favorites. They really are versatile and they stay.

I’ve been doing Spring Cleaning for the last month and it has been grueling. However, it really feels good. Last week I took to social media to get your help when it came to spring cleaning the shoe collection. Each day I posted a new dilemma. A new SHOE dilemma. My closet was bursting at the seams and it was driving me crazy. On a random Sunday, it happened, like I was overcome by the devil him/herself. I pulled every piece of clothing out. Next, I bought new hangers, I reorganized and I cleared out piles of clothes.

About spring cleaning the shoe collection

I thought I was done. Then I looked at the shoe shelves. I LOVE shoes. A girl can never have too many and I’m proof of it. Just check out this video…no judgement please.

This was much harder than the clothes. However, after COVID, the world changed. I wasn’t wearing my fancy shoes to any fancy events because there weren’t any. Flip flops became my go-to. Many of these babies have been collecting dust for the last few years and time for them to go to a new home.

Here is a recap of the shoes, in order. In addition, the outcome of your votes. Finally, my decision. Thanks again for weighing in.

Thank you so much for your votes and your help in spring cleaning the shoe collection. In conclusion, if you wear a size 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 and want any of the those I’m donating, email me at and maybe we can make it happen. I already have a couple of pair spoken for but who knows.