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Traveling by plane surrounded by strangers in a confined space is a recipe for some seriously awkward moments. From seat etiquette to personal space, there’s a whole list of do’s and don’ts that can’t help but give you the “icks” when someone crosses the line. The travel experts at SkyParkSecure teamed up with etiquette expert Jo Bryant to assess the most popular travel “icks” and the biggest traveling turn-offs.

Top Three Airplane “Icks”

Their panel of experts has pinpointed the top ten dos and don’ts regarding airplane etiquette. These include guidelines on reclining seats, the etiquette of getting off the plane, and even whether you should strike up small talk with your seatmate, among other travel wisdom.

Clapping upon landing, as it turns out, is regarded as a common travel behavior that raises eyebrows, and there’s a specific rationale behind it. This action made the top three on their list. According to their team of experts, it can be considered impolite towards the pilots. Etiquette expert Bryant offers an explanation, stating, “Applause isn’t required upon landing and can come across as impolite towards the pilots. If the landing goes smoothly, clapping may imply astonishment at their skill; but if the landing is less than perfect, applause might be taken as mocking.”

Number two on their list concerns removing one’s shoes during a flight. Not everyone appreciates the sight of exposed, possibly sweaty feet, yet some passengers disregard this concern. Bryant explains that it’s generally considered better etiquette to keep your shoes on, but on longer flights, it’s often deemed acceptable to remove them, provided a few conditions are met. She recommends ensuring your feet are clean and odor-free if you choose to do so. Bryant also advises. “Keep them to yourself: never put them on the seat or, worst of all, rest them on the armrest of the seat in front.”

Finally, topping their list is the act of seat swapping. Based on their research, Bryant clarifies that if you decide to request a seat change, simply disliking your assigned seat isn’t a sufficient reason to request a switch. They recommend having a valid justification for the request.

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