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Why Kelly Clarkson Thought ‘American Idol’ Was ‘A Joke’

Why Kelly Clarkson Thought 'American Idol' Was 'A Joke' Kelly Clarkson says she thought American Idol was “a joke.” Clarkson was a guest on Kevin Hart’s Peacock talk show, “Hart to Heart,” and the singer and talk show host says she didn’t believe that her win on Idol would turn into a 20-year career.  "We didn't think it was going to come to anything," Clarkson said. "Like we were the first season of American Idol, so we were there for that paycheck that after SAG gives you to like pay for some bills.” Clarkson continues to be a household name as she has her own daytime talk show and is a judge on NBC’s “The Voice.” [gallery ids="217092,224483,225300,228311,247590,250093,252877,253260"]