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Setting up at the grand opening of the new Chicken Salad Chick restaurant on Dani Dr in Fort Myers

Chicken Salad Chick Grand Opening Photos

Everyone knows food is one of my passions and a subject of many stories I write for magazines. And also for Sunny 106.3, whenever I can. So when I was asked to broadcast live for opening day at Chicken Salad Chick in Fort Myers, I said heck yes.

I’ve seen these restaurants, heard about them, but until yesterday, had never been in one. When I showed up at the location on Dani Drive, in the Village Walk Shopping Center, the line was down the sidewalk. The first 100 people won free chicken salad for a year. The first person in line got there at midnight. She really likes the food!

Gina and Kendall

I love the story of  entrepreneurship behind the restaurant. It all began with a stay at home mom, Stacy Brown, who made killer chicken salad. That chicken salad is now in 215 restaurants across 17 states. Not bad.

Neither is the chicken salad. In fact, there are  now 12 different kinds of the salad. You’ll find everything from traditional to savory, even some spicy versions.

Enjoy these Chicken Salad Chick Grand Opening photos. And also be sure to check back next month. I’ll be broadcasting live from two additional restaurant openings in Southwest Florida. I’ll add more photos as I go, to whet your appetite until you can go.