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Hurricane Ian help for animals continues in Southwest Florida.

The University of Florida Mobile Veterinary Team has arrived in Fort Myers to help residents with pet care. If you have an animal that was injured in the storm, this is a great resource for you.

The veterinary team is offering triage and medical care. In addition, it’s free of charge to any resident in need. The set up is in Terry Park,  at 3140 Palm Beach Blvd.  Pet food is also available on site.

Help for homeless animals.

Many animals were displaced by the storm and are homeless. If you have lost your dog or cat, the Human Society might be able to help locate them. Click this link  for more.

In the meantime, Humane Society Naples has airlifted or plans to airlift hundreds of dogs and cats to destinations around the country to help place them in new homes. The shelters here are over flowing.

Animal welfare officials are saying the problem with pets needing homes is most likely going to get worse, even as recovery efforts improve.

People who have lost everything can barely take care of themselves and feel forced to surrender their beloved pets. In addition, when looking for temporary housing or rental properties, many do not allow pets. So what is someone looking for a place to live, suppose to do?

It is another heartbreaking fall out from Hurricane Ian.

As hurricane Ian help for animals continues, here are a few photos.