Meghan Markle Rushed To Safety Amid Security Scare

Meghan Markle is safe and sound, thanks to the quick action of her security team.

As you know, Markle is four months pregnant now and on her first tour with husband, Prince Harry.

During a planned appearance in Fiji, Markle's security team rushed her indoors due to overcrowding.

According to the Daily Mirror, Meghan was scheduled to speak with females who own stands at a nearby market.

The appearance was only slated to last for 15 minutes, but the event was cut short due to high attendance in what her security personnel believed was an unsecure area.

At the time the incident occurred, Meghan and Prince Harry were attending separate appearances.

People at the event were noticeably disappointed that Meghan was whisked away abruptly, but we're sure her security team wouldn't remove her from the event unless it was absolutely necessary.

You can see photos of Meghan's market visit by clicking through our gallery below.