Living here in Southwest Florida is amazing. And if you’re already here, the idea of trying to move somewhere else can be daunting. Escalating rents throughout the country and the high cost of moving can make you want to just stand pat. But if you’re just graduating, or maybe you’ve had enough of what you’ve been doing, maybe it’s time to consider a change. Perhaps looking at remote jobs while living here in Florida.

Almost all of these jobs are located out of town and maybe just 5 years ago would have required you to move. Covid changed that. People working from home proved that they can get the work done without being constantly supervised in an office setting. I did my radio show from home for 3 months and had some of my highest ratings ever! I got my work done. I spent more time with my dog. I got in some pool time and had the best tan eva. If you can work from home and stay focused enough to do it well.  Then why not? Stay here, in one of the best places to live in America, and look for Remote Jobs In Florida.

I went to job search site flexjobs and made the list of the 15 companies that had the most openings for remote entry-level jobs. There are some jobs that require certain education in there as well. For a list of some specific job situations, just scroll down a little. Keep in mind that if you work remotely for a company that’s located in another state your tax situation might change.

Now let’s see what’s out there.