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Alligator Videos for TikTok Tuesday are soooo Florida. They are fascinating creatures aren’t they? They can also be pretty dangerous. We often see them on golf courses, on the side of roadways and floating in lakes and ponds where we live, so we kind of get used to them. But don’t get complacent. They can be deadly.

Even though it’s not an uncommon site, I still get excited when I see one. I grab my phone and snap a photo or video. I have no idea why. Maybe to show my friends who don’t live here, what Florida can be like. This video was taken driving through my neighborhood not too long ago.


When a hawk swooped down in front of my car and landed on the grass, it caught my attention. Not sure why he was policing this gator, in my neighborhood, by ...

There is something about watching an alligator slink through the water with only two beady eyes visible. Or, watching them walk on all fours. They look so menacing and prehistoric. They can be downright scary. By the way, if you like a good scare, you should check out these videos from my Halloween version of TikTok Tuesday.

I often see alligator videos show up on my social media feeds. This week there was a video of teenagers harassing a gator. I’m not posting any photos or videos of people doing stupid things with alligators or any animals. Just because an alligator or wild animal does not injury the person in some of these videos does not mean it wont happen. It does. Wild animals deserver our respect.

Those teenagers sent me down a gator rabbit hole with social media. You do not have to subscribe to, or have a TikTok account of your own to view these. If you do, however, check out my page here. Follow if you feel so inclined. In the meantime, enjoy these alligator videos from TikTok Tuesday. At least one might make you think about where you go fishing this week. YIKES.