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It’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong and we’re all looking for the best place to hide in SWFL to ride out the apocalypse. Getting away from the concentrated areas of Southwest Florida like Fort Myers and Naples would be a start. But first, let’s analyze one of the many, many many scenarios where something cataclysmic can happen to us here in Florida. The Zombie apocalypse.

The idea of large swaths of humanity turning into zombies really isn’t as far fetched as you might believe. And it’s playing out right now. Let’s start with the Havana Syndrome. Symptoms  often include nausea, dizziness, migraines, and problems with vision and hearing. Sleep problems and difficulty concentrating has also been reported. It’s been speculated that the syndrome may be caused by some form of attack by a foreign government. Is the next step of the Havana Syndrome to turn people into zombies?

Next up, it’s COVID-19. Without getting into the initial cause of the pandemic, we know that scientists are experimenting with viruses in foreign countries (and here in Florida, too). Could a virus be unleashed that turns us all into ‘zombies’?

So before any of this happens, as residents of Fort Myers, Naples, and all of SWFL – let’s prepare.

Where Would Be The Best Place To Hide In SWFL In The Event Of A Zombie Apocalypse?

My first thought would be an island like Keewaydin, but then you’d run out of food and water. So I decided to crowdsource some ideas. Something Reddit is great for. Here’s some of the better ideas:

  • “Take to the Glades with some water filters, slingshots and waterproof matches.” – DeepJank
  • “A marina. They’re fenced and fortified enclaves full of self sufficient normally well stocked vessels capable of taking you anywhere in the world.” – ttysnoop
  • “My neighbor, he has about 300,000 rounds of ammo stockpiled.” – lafrank59
  • “Sounds like a question a zombie would ask.. I’m watching you” – Etrain_18
  • “I live in a concrete house with accordion hurricane shutters that lock. Enough food for a couple months and it’s almost rainy season so water collection shouldn’t be an issue. Solar to recharge anything that needs charging, I’ve actually gone a year charging my devices with only solar power. ” – xynix_ie

I need to get to know the last poster, they sound like they’re already ready. My plan is actually a lot like lafrank59. I know a guy named Mike. If that falls through, my best place to hide in SWFL would be putting up the hurricane shutters and blocking the door.

But what if you had enough time to get out of town? Are there better places outside of our best place to hide in SWFL? Yes there are. Onlyinyourstate analyzed the 9 best places in Florida to hide from the hordes of the undead. I’ll focus on the ones not already covered and ones that we can actually get to.

  • Florida Citrus Tower

    If you can make it to Central Florida, the tower is located in a less populated area and from 226 feet up you can see if there’s any incoming threats. The bonus here is there’s a pretty amazing coffee shop there. I can live without a lot of things, but not without coffee.

  • Costco

    Costco has a great return policy!

    Costco has absolutely everything you need to survive. Secure the loading docks and board up those front doors and you and your friends could survive in ‘Costco City’ for years. I call ‘dibs’ on the Gulf Coast Town Center location.

  • A House boat or Yacht

    house boats

    (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    A group of houseboats surviving in the bay is a solution if you’re prepared enough. You can fish for food and if you have a water purifier/desalinization set up you can be out there for quite awhile.

  • Disney's Underground Tunnel System

    Disney World

    (Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images)

    If you happen to be at an Orlando theme park when it all goes down, maybe you could retreat to Disney’s underground tunnel system. Find a way to barricade yourself in and you’ll find plenty of provisions + medical supplies. It’s really an underground city down there with everything you need.

  • Dry Tortugas

    Dry Tortugas National Park. Florida's deadliest of the national parks

    Seaplane photography in the Dry Tortugas

    If you can get there, what a sweet setup this would be. A fort on an island 70 miles away from Key West. Being prepared for this escape will be the challenge. You’ll need a way to catch fish and there’s no potable water at the fort. If you’re prepping for an emergency situation, these are the water desalinators they use on life rafts.

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