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It got pretty cold over the weekend in Southwest Florida. Had home cooks all over, busting out their stock pots making warm soups, stews and all manner of comfort food. Food bloggers were going crazy on social media sites as well. I  must admit it got me flipping through some old recipes too. So with all of that intel coming at me, I collected five of the Best Soup Recipes For TikTok Tuesday.

soup recipes

Sure you can pop the top of canned soups. However, it’s not the same as those from scratch. Those are the best soup recipes.

Why soup recipes

Soups are among the most versatile foods. These culinary creations can be made with literally any and every thing. I remember my first time in Spain I was blown away by a simple soup of almonds and garlic called ajo blanco. It’s cold soup that is often garnished with grapes. More refreshing than hearty. One to try in the spring or summer rather than now. However, its simplicity stuck with me.

soup recipe

Spanish Ajo Blanco Soup is made with almonds and garlic, often topped with grapes.

Especially when you consider soups the likes of ramen. The broths used for these flavorful creations take 24 hours or more to make. Ingredients are added in specific order to maintain the integrity of certain flavors. Soups can be like works of art. Especially when they are deconstructed in a restaurant. Picture the ingredients stacked solo in the bottom of a bowl. Next, the broth is carefully poured in by your server. Impressive.

Videos featuring comfort foods have been prevalent on social media so I took the top five from my TikTok feed last night and assembled them here. You don’t have to have an account to view these videos. In addition, no logging in means no getting into trouble at work. Simply scroll down and hit play. Enjoy these top five cooking videos, best soup recipes for TikTok Tuesday.

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