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Boyz II Men Wine is A Fabulous Find. Did you know the music group actually has a wine? Even better, it’s actually good. Not all celebrity wine and spirits brands can say the same thing. This wine is called Harmony. How fitting. The wines are indeed harmonious.

Harmony Wine

Boyz II men Harmony Bordeaux Rose wine

Boy II Men Wine

They are made in the coveted Bordeaux region of France. There are three wines in the portfolio. They are a white blend, a red blend and a rose. The rose is a just a touch sweet but not overly. The white is a sauvignon blanc blend that is so good for Southwest Florida’s warm temperatures and tropical cuisine. It is fresh, citrusy and has the slightest bit of effervescence for a nice touch. The red blend is surprisingly good for an inexpensive Bordeaux. It’s a blend of merlot and cabernet sauvignon with lots of nice red fruit.

Sadly I was told they might not be continuing with this.. Or at least with the current wine maker. I have not been able to confirm. So if you can score some now, do it.

This week’s Wine Wednesday post was all about Dry January and offering¬†some non-alcoholic wine options. But I’m not participating in Dry January. It’s my birthday month. If you are not participating either, I couldn’t leave out a traditional wine suggestion for you this week. So consider this a belated Wine Wednesday offering as well.

I’ve got a great idea for a fun evening. When you find the wines, put on some of the group’s old school jams while you cook and/or sip. Here are a few of their best music videos for your viewing and listening pleasure today. Boyz II Men Wine Is A Fabulous Find.

  • End of the Road

    Starting with this classic

  • Motown Philly

    Love the dancing in this one

  • I'll Make Love To You

    How about this smooth grrove

  • So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

  • On Bended Knee

  • Water Runs Dry