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Since today is International Chocolate Day, it would seem most appropriate that TikTok Tuesday is for chocolate lovers too.

chocolate cookies

From scratch chocolate, chocolate chip cookies by Gina Birch. The rocked, if I do say so myself

I mean what is there NOT to like about chocolate. It just makes people happy. The United States ranks number two in the world when it comes to chocolate consumption. That’s according to Statista which gives the top spot to Switzerland.  The Swiss are world renowned for their amazing chocolates.

Over the last few days, I’ve grabbed the top five chocolate videos that have come across my social media feed. I  want you to drool as much as I have. In addition, a couple of these videos offer what looks like some easy, mouthwatering chocolate recipes. Let me know if you use them and how they are.

You don’t have to subscribe to TikTok to view the videos. However, if you are on that social media platform, follow me when you get a minute. And if you want to see a killer chocolate dessert at a recent wine dinner I attended, check this out. It was like art and the flavors just kept unfolding.

TikTok Tuesday is for chocolate lovers and the videos are here.