(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

I always think it’s so cool when I’m watching a show and see something familiar and there’s a Fort Myers business featured on a new Hulu show.

I have a few guilty pleasures when it comes to TV..Real Housewives and Hoarders. Well, I found a new show on Hulu that’s like Hoarders on steroids…Dirty Rotten Cleaners.

Now, this show actually debuted on A&E in July, so if you have that channel it wouldn’t be new to you, but it just hit Hulu last week and I’ve been binging it. I wouldn’t recommend watching it while eating unless you have a super strong stomach, but it sees different cleaning companies in Florida tackling extreme cleanup situations, usually with decomp and biohazard. So take Hoarders and add 15 layers of filth, and you have Dirty Rotten Cleaners.


Very cool that SWFL made an appearance with Sadie’s Pro Cleaning right here in Fort Myers and the house they tackled was NO JOKE. Love seeing the owner, Sadie Marshall and her team helping people in so many ways, beyond just cleaning up a dirty home.

Be glad your TV doesn’t have smell-o-vision, but the before and after’s are pretty impressive! I’m a fan!

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