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Hottest World Cup Players For TikTok Tuesday. Yes, I’m going there today. I mean we already have a ranking list of the hottest players here, so why not have some videos too? Soccer players have a reputation for being hot. I still can’t figure out how they can run miles, push shove, roll around on the ground, and still have perfect hair. It’s insane.

soccer players

Lionel Messi of Argentina celebrates with Rodrigo De Paul after the win in the penalty shootout during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 quarter final match between Netherlands and Argentina

It’s not just about the hottest world cup players

I do love soccer. My brother played the game growing up. I spent many a Saturday mornings trudging through wet grass or sweating in the hot sun to watch him run up and down the field or pitch. Bored.

It’s not boring to watch as an adult. Far from it in fact. The 2022 FIFA World Cup games have been insanely good! There have been crazy upsets. In addition, there have been inspirational victories.

TikTok Tuesday covers all kinds of subjects. For instance, here are some great DIY holiday decor ideas. You do not have to subscribe to TikTok, or have a TikTok account of your own to view any of these videos.  Simply scroll down, hit play and escape from reality for a few minutes. Enjoy these videos of some of the hottest World Cup players for TikTok Tuesday.