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How Would Gina Birch Spend $1K?

If I could win Gina Birch’s Workday Payday, what I would do with $1000 is all over the board. But I can’t win it, I can only help YOU win it. And I’m really looking forward to making that happen.

$1000 is a nice amount of money to have some fun with, do some good for others and perhaps take care of lingering projects. I will say, I have a few house projects that I COULD and probably should spend the money on, like new screens. A fresh coat of paint in my office would be nice too. Perhaps I would have enough money left over for a few gallons.

I would also like to share the money love with a couple of charities that are near and dear to my heart. They include programs that feed people, support underprivileged children and women’s causes. When you get a gift, like free money, it’s always good to give back. It keeps that good energy flowing back to you and to others.

But lets also be honest. I would for sure splurge a little. OK, maybe a lot. An extra $1000 means lots of extra fun and I’m all about having fun in life.

So, how would Gina Birch Spend $1K?  Check out the list below, of the five things I would do with $1000 if I could win Gina Birch’s Workday Payday.

  • Buy a hot pair of designer shoes

    I love shoes. That is all.
    For real, there is something about putting on a sassy pair of shoes that just makes my day. They can make a or break an outfit. It doesn’t matter if your weight is up or down or if you can’t rock that slinky dress the way you want to, you can sure has hell rock those shoes girl!!

  • Spa Day with my girls

    spaSelfcare is important and I don’t do enough of it. I would also treat a friend. I think booking a couple of services, having a nice Champagne lunch with a bestie would be great. This way I also get to share my prize.

  • Splurge on a night out

    dessertI love dining out. It would be fun to use the money at a fancy restaurant. Once again sharing with friends, ordering as many courses as we wanted with a bottle of wine I would normally not spring for. The hardest part here is picking the restaurant. Do I stay in SWFL or drive to Miami?

  • Buy a plane ticket

    I love to travel and have not done as much this summer as I usually do or would’ve like to. Friends from California to Maryland are on me to fly out or up for a visit. Investing in friendships has great returns.

  • Spoil my nephews

    BeachI have three nephews ages 6 to 10 and they are the loves of my life. Right now, they still think I’m cool and want to hang out with me. I would take them to a theme park such as Disney World, Sea World, Busch Gardens or Lego Land. I’d let them eat what they want and buy overpriced souvenirs.