Mental health disorders affect all of us, regardless of race, age, or background.  

Whether someone may just need to talk or may be having trouble coping with depression, anxiety, mood disorders—or any other issue that affects quality of life — there is no need to feel alone. Our compassionate experts help us understand the problem and provide empowerment to take charge. At our outpatient clinic,  we will provide a relaxing setting and compassionate ears. We also provide services for children and teenagers. 

  • Our Services

    • Medication management 
    • Individual therapy  
    • Case management 
  • LPG Recovery Medicine 

    Finding Hope for Tomorrow: Addiction to chemicals, drugs, activities, or substances affects people from every walk of life. But there are effective treatments. Our supportive staff will help conquer your addiction with medication, therapy, and access to support and encouragement. 

    Our Services 

    • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) 
    • Individual therapy

    To schedule an appointment, call 239-343-9180 or click here

  • What’s New? 

    Our outpatient facility in South Fort Myers now houses both behavioral health and recovery medicine.  We continue to add nationally renowned experts, treatment options (in-patient and outpatient) as well as pediatric services to help tackle the mental health crisis in Southwest Florida. 

  • Your Impact

    Mental health awareness and treatment is one of the cornerstones of Lee Health Foundation. Donations go toward Behavioral Health and Recovery Medicine awareness and programs for adults and children.