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Last month, many of you participated in our big Diamonds and Bubbles contest. Well, the Sunny 106.3 and Dunkin’s Diamonds ring winner finally stopped by to pick up her bling. Big congratulations to listener Lesley Walberg. She was super excited to put it on her finger for the first time. I’m sure you can imagine.

Dunkin's Diamonds Ring winner

stopped by the studio this week to get her beautiful Dunkin’s Diamonds ring. Gina Birch did the presentation

How did Lesley win Dunkin’s Diamonds ring

It was through the Diamonds & Bubbles holiday contest on Sunny 106.3. I qualified listeners everyday, several times a day. Just for qualifying, they got a special Sunny 106.3 ornament. In addition, there was a fragrant bath bomb from Naples Soap Company. That’s the first part of the bubbles.

Next, we randomly drew the grand prize winner just before Christmas. The holidays delayed Lesley from picking up the prize until now. As you can see it’s a big, beautiful sparking ring from our friends at Dunkin’s Diamonds. It’s valued at $4300. Happy holidays indeed.

In addition to the ring, Lesley received a $100 gift card to Total Wine & More where she can buy a bottle of bubbles, or anything she wants, to celebrate.

When Lesley arrived we had to wait for our accounting officials to unlock the safe. I had only seen photos of the ring until this point. I was assured that it looked just as good as it appeared. Even so, the proof is always in the pudding and there was definitely proof. We were so excited to take the ring out of the bag and open that little black box. We made a video as well. You can see it below.

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  • Congrats to Lesley Walberg

    Lesley was super excited to get the ring and it’s going to look great on her finger.
    Dunkin's Diamonds Ring

  • Look at our reaction when we opened the little black box

    We captured the presentation with this short video in the lobby. It was all impromptu, fun and fast. We all had to get back to work. Giving her the box, I felt like I was proposing or something. Ha

    Sunny 106.3 Diamond Ring Winner

    Lesley won this beautiful diamond ring in our Diamonds & Bubbles contest over Christmas. She stopped by the Sunny 106.3 studios this week to pick it up.