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If you are still trying to decide what to cook for this week’s holiday, check out these Thanksgiving recipes for TikTok Tuesday. I’m not cooking this year but I DO need to arrive at dinner with a dish in hand. I have my faves to make like everyone, however, I’m always looking for new ideas.

Thanksgiving food

Just wait until you see the video for a cool way to serve potatoes.

A lot of good sounding, and looking, recipes have been showing up in my social media feeds. I’m guessing tis will be the case for the rest of the holiday season.

After looking at dozens of mostly mouth watering food videos, I pulled five that looked good, and did not seem to be too complicated. I don’t have a lot of time or ability to concentrate when rushing around for last minute Thanksgiving prep.

These videos have a little of everything. We start with a pre-dinner adult beverage. Heck, this one can be enjoyed through dinner as well. Next up are a couple of starters and sides. Finally, the main course. If you like those delicious Honey Baked Hams but don’t have one near you, or don’t have the funds this year to buy one, take note. I found a DIY hack that might just do the trick, or at least get you close.

One more thing, dessert. Sure there are traditional pies and such. But the dessert video I found is super cute and creative. Serve this, and you’ll get everyone talking for sure. Oh, and if you need some ideas for wines to pick up this week, click here.

You do not have to subscribe to, or have a TikTok account of your own to view these. If you do, however, check out my page here. Follow if you feel so inclined. In the meantime, enjoy these five Thanksgiving recipes for TikTok Tuesday.