Florida is the number one state to retire to, and if you’re coming down with deep pockets, this is the third in the series. Today I’ve compiled a list of the 10 most expensive homes for sale in Bonita Springs. If you’re coming down with bags, I’d suggest you check out The 10 Most Expensive Houses For Sale In Naples Right Now.   Maybe the bank will only loan you 5 million, check out The 10 Most Expensive Properties For Sale in Fort Myers Right Now. The Bonita Springs price range sort of falls in between those two.

So if you’ve got the cash, or maybe you just won the Powerball and want to check out houses and condos for sale in Bonita. Or a big raise at the job. No problem, but if you’re looking to finance, better do it quick before interest rates go up. Financing a 16 million dollar house is roughly $69,000 a month for principal and interest. Don’t forget the taxes, and since many of the homes are on or very near the beach, there’s a lot more upkeep involved. That salt water takes a toll. Don’t want the upkeep, you can grab a condo and pay the HOA fees. If you’re going big – and that’s why we’re here – HOA fees can be over 2 grand a month. That’s more than my mortgage.

Many of these homes are pending or even contingent. The Southwest Florida market is super hot right now, so if you see something you like best to grab it quick. Shout out to Brandon Plotnick who did an article on “The 9 Most Expensive Fayetteville Homes“. I’ve never been to Fayetteville but by looking at the list, a million dollars goes a lot further than it does here in Southwest Florida. Also shout out to my realtor neighbor Mark, who drives an obnoxious Black Corvette that looks like the Batmobile.

I did a search on Realtor.com for properties in Fort Myers over $900,000 and it came back with 144 results. I’m way too lazy to write an article that long, so just to whittle this down, let’s just look at the ten most expensive homes and condos in Bonita Springs for sale today.

  • 10. 232 Barefoot Beach Blvd - $5,900,000

    This may be last on the list but it’s probably my favorite. I love Barefoot Beach. And it’s on the bay.



  • 9. 4991 Bonita Bay Blvd Unit 2601 - $6,500,000

    A 6,400 square foot condo with reeeeeedeiculous views. No exterior upkeep, but the HOA fees clock in at $2,293 a month.



  • 8. 4400 Deerwood Ct - $6,500,000

    You know you’ve made it when your house has 2 driveaways.



  • 7. 185 Topanga Dr - $6,530,421

    Another one in the Barefoot Beach section. This one’s a little pricier, probably because it’s off the main road.


  • 6. 105 Saint Eustacius Ln - $7,995,000

    Another Barefoot Beach place. I’m seeing a pattern here.



  • 5. 28028 Castellano Way - $8,100,000

    This one’s closer to Home Depot than it is the coast. But it is nice.



  • 4. 26385 Hickory Blvd - $8,295,000

    You know those big houses you see in Bonita if you approach Fort Myers Beach from the south? Here’s one you can make your own.



  • 3. 105 Bonaire Ln - $9,950,000

    9.95 million, because 10 million is just too much. Realtors are funny people.



  • 2. 4991 Bonita Bay Blvd Ph 2602 - $9,995,000

    A penthouse on Estero Bay. 5 bedrooms and a 6 car garage. Clearly you did something right to get here.



  • 1. 110 Dominica Ln - $12,975,000

    We start and end on Barefoot Beach. While the others are nearer the road or on the bay, this one is on the beach. HOA fees are only $578 a month. I expected it to be more.


  • Check out some other properties in SWFL


    The 10 Most Expensive Houses For Sale In Naples Right Now

    Florida is the number one state to retire to, and if you're coming down with deep pockets, I've compiled a list of the 10 most expensive houses for sale in Naples right now. Or maybe you just won the Powerball and want to check out houses for sale in Naples.



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