With season wrapping up and maybe, just maybe traffic getting a little easier to deal with – it’s time to reclaim our Florida white sand beaches. We’re in the sweet spot right now, after Spring Break and Snowbird season, but before all the northerners come down on their summer vacations. So each weekend has to count. Those of us in SWFL already know how amazing our local beaches are, so why not take the time and make an adventure of beach day. We took a look at tripstodiscover.com and made a list of white sand beaches here on the gulf coast that are well worth the destination. I also added the distance between these beaches and Fort Myers Beach. Sort of a, I already know how long it takes to get to FM Beach, how much further do I need to drive to check out one of these places? I’ll also include approximate drive time.

Yes, I know we have amazing beaches in Southwest Florida, some are probably even better than ones on this list. But I’m ready to get in the car and go adventuring.

Let’s get out of town and check out more of what Florida beaches have to offer. But let’s also stay on the left coast – the best coast.