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Halloween is less than a week away. And although we’ve been living some real life horrors the last few weeks with Hurricane Ian, the spirit of Halloween is still alive and well for many. Just in case you need a good wake up today, I have rounded up some videos that scare the #$*! out of you for TikTok Tuesday.

Social media is full of posts with cool costumes and make up for Halloween. There are also lots of party ideas and recipes. Some of which I have posted and more of which are to come. However for others, Halloween is all about the frights. Some people actually like to be scared.

People love scare videos.

Horror movies continue to rake in big bucks at the box office. There is something about a good scare that people can’t seem to get enough of. Although I can appreciate a good scare,  I have zero interest in movies like Halloween anymore. Or that new slasher flick that has people throwing up and passing out. No thank you.

I have to admit a couple of these were hard for me to watch. I knew something crazy was just around the corner but I couldn’t stop watching. In one instance I literally had one eye covered, like that was going to help. Keep in mind, if you are at work, some of these might just make you scream. In addiion, there are a couple that will also make you laugh.

Haunted Ride

Some people love to be scared. They love the adrenalin.

This week, I’ve added a couple Instagram videos as. You do not have to subscribe to, or have a TikTok or Instagram account of your own to view these. If you do, however, check out mypage here and Instagram here. Follow if you feel so inclined.

I have to warn you, if you watch while at work, you may scream out loud. You might even swear. Check out these videos that scare the #$*! out of you for TikTok Tuesday. Happy Halloween.