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You CAN teach an old dog new tricks. Well, at least that’s what 87% of Americans believe when it comes to pets, more specifically pet adoptions. It’s just one reason cited for considering so-called senior dogs and cats when looking to add a fury friend to your family.  The new survey was conducted by OnePoll for Stella & Chewy’s. Sure younger pets have more energy and generally speaking, fewer health issues. However, they also carry frustrations and can cost money in other ways.

How many times have you had shoes, sunglasses and clothing destroyed by a dog satisfying his or her need to chew. Or perhaps a rug or floor damaged by potty training accidents. The chances of any of that happening with older dogs are pretty low. When you get that pet to a point you can travel with them, A lot of Florida cities are quite welcoming to pet families. Check it out here.

old dog new tricks

Older dogs might be more settled but they are still up for learning new tricks.

Older dogs and new tricks

The survey took into account the experiences of some 2000 dog and cat owners. Contrary to popular belief and cultural phrases, a majority of those surveyed believe old dogs can indeed learn new tricks or commands. They are apparently not as set in their ways as some humans are.

Shelters are full of older animals.  Officials say that is because most people who are looking to adopt go straight for the cute little puppies and kittens first. Sadly, many of the older animals get overlooked and they are some of the best pets in the kennels. Many arrived at shelters from the homes of elderly residents who have moved into assisted living facilities or have passed away. These animals are looking for love and a good home.

According to this study, here are three of the top benefits of adopting a senior pet. It appears you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

  • Stronger Emotional Connections

    91% of survey respondents with senior pets say they have a strong emotional connection to them. The numbers are 85% for those with younger pets.
    old dog new trick

  • With age comes wisdom

    71% of people in the survey feel like their pets have become smarter with age. That they can still learn new behaviors, commands and such.
    Old Dog new trick

  • Plays well with others

    When it comes to interacting with other people and other pets, 72% say their older pets are better than the younger versions.

  • Ready to adopt?

    Sunny 106.3 and Gina Birch will be at Gulf Coast Humane Society Saturday, January 8th, for a big adoption event. Thanks to the folks at Achieva Credit Union for helping us pay all adoption fees that day. Dogs like Shyla. She visited the Sunny 106.3 studios last week. Check out the photos here…

    Meet Shyla, This Dog Needs A Home


  • Clear the kennels with us

    Here is more about the big adoption event on the 2th. Please stop by.

    A New Year, New Friend With Gulf Coast Humane Society

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