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BEASLEY MEDIA GROUP OFFICE HOURS UPDATE: Our office has re-opened for prize distribution, allowing you to claim your prize ONLY on Thursdays and Fridays between the hours of 8:30am and 5pm. You will need a photo ID to collect…

If you have an Amazon Echo then you’ve got a new way to listen to Sunny 106.3 at home and work!

Now, anytime you want to jam out with Sunny 106.3 and listen to our podcasts, all you have to do is tell Alexa – it’s as easy as saying “Alexa, open sunny one oh six three.”

You and Your Alexa:

1.) The first time (and only the first time) you use the Sunny 106.3 Skill you must ENABLE it by either:


OR clearly tell your Amazon Echo: “Alexa, open sunny one oh six three.”

2.) Tell Alexa to open “Alexa, open sunny one oh six three.”

3.) Listen LIVE!