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Top NFL Draft Pick Might Stay at Ohio State Just to Beat Michigan

We're living in crazy times, my friend, and this story is a shining example of that. The time is approaching for college football players to decide if they want to declare for the NFL Draft, and one player has some wacky reasoning. I totally get and respect when a player wants to stay in college instead of go pro to finish their degree. I think that's a respectable and smart move. But, one top NFL Draft pick might stay at Ohio State just because he hasn't beaten Michigan yet. Now, that is some crazy talk. That player is the talented Marvin Harrison Jr. I get that rivalries are hot and heated. But, it wasn't like the Wolverines personally beat just you. Football is a team sport, so your team lost, but don't take it personally. On one hand, I respect Harrison for having such loyalty to Ohio State. That's really awesome. But, dude, you're a top five draft pick! As Harrison Jr. put it, via Ohio State beat writer Andy Backstrom, "Coming into this year, I wanted to beat 'The Team Up North' & win a Big Ten Championship & obviously I did not do that this year. I think there's a great motive to come back if that's what I decide to do." I love how he doesn't even call the Wolverines by their name. He just calls them "The Team Up North." Cute. But, I can't think of any player who's a top five NFL Draft pick who would stay in college for that reason. If you do choose to stay at Ohio State, Harrison, make it about the education, not Michigan. Don't let them get into your head so much. As a Michigan State University graduate, I get the Michigan hate. (Not that I hate you, Wolverines. I think you're lovely.) [select-listicle listicle_id="663742" syndication_name="5-best-personalities-in-the-nfl-right-now" description="no"]

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