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Tik Tok Shares Clever Way To Sneak Alcohol Into Disney

I haven't tried any of these so I can't vouch for success. I actually don't mind buying drinks at the park in Orlando. There's a lot of unique things to try and I consider it part of the experience. But if you have to sneak alcohol Into Disney, it looks like there's ways to do it. I'm going to give this latest Tik Tok an "A" in creAtivity. https://www.tiktok.com/@esmmmmmmmmmmm/video/7236866226344021291 I see they're pouring that Buzz Ball Biggy into the Capri Sun bag. Is that stuff any good? I see it's 15% ABV, but I haven't tried it yet. Be careful if you're going to do that hack so you don't mix up the "mommy juice" with the kid's stuff. Checking the comments section on the video, it looks like there's a much easier way. The Hydro Flask. Commenters are saying they don't check. They also won't check your Starbucks cup. Others are saying that the old cruise line trick of putting tequila or vodka in a water bottle still works. Another commenter even said "I snuck in Hennessy in a coke bottle they don’t check lol" So by the looks of the comments, it's easy, and very common to sneak alcohol into Disney. Which might explain some of the fight videos I've been seeing. Keep it in moderation, ya'll.   [select-listicle listicle_id="348228" syndication_name="3-strange-occurrences-weve-already-seen-in-alligator-mating-season" description="yes"]

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