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Jack In The Box Is Coming To Florida

There are so many fast food restaurants out there, but if you've been craving Jack In The Box there's good news because they're coming to Florida. When you think of how many fast food restaurants are here in Fort Myers, it's impossible to count. There's pretty much anything you can think of. And if it's not in Fort Myers, it could be a short drive to North Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Estero or Naples. The one I could really go for having a location here is In-N-Out Burger. I've only ever had it one time, but there was something about that meal that just puts it above the rest when it comes to fast food. I don't hit the drive-thru very often, but every now and then I have a hankering for a good burger. If Jack in the Box is what you crave, there's some good news. Jack In The Box Is Coming To Florida I've never lived in a place where there's been a Jack in the Box, so I've never had it. The restaurant chain is based out of California and before the news of the expansion to the Sunshine State the closest location to us would be in South Carolina. There actually were Jack in the Box's here in Florida at one time, but it's been over 30 years since we've had one. But they're coming back! Right now, in Southwest Florida, there don't seem to be any locations planned, but that could change. According to a press release, Ed Zausch, a new franchisee will be opening 10 locations in the Orlando area. Jack in the Box has a menu filled with burgers, tacos, chicken, shakes and breakfast. Because I've never had it, I asked a friend of mine who is a Jack in the Box fanatic what his must-get item is: the Ultimate Cheeseburger. So that may be where I start when the restaurant makes its way to Florida. [select-listicle listicle_id="285114" syndication_name="favorite-burger-chains-across-the-country" description="no"]

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