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Middays 10:00am-2:00pm

Labor Day Weekend. What will you do?

I am actually and unbelievably, not working! At least not too much. I will be in the Sunny studio on Monday to hang out with you.

Part of my plan though is to spend some quality time with my fur buds Buddy and Daisy, and my water friend Fairlee. The other part of my plan includes paints and canvas.

I have discovered that you don’t always have to be a great artist to make cool things. Sometimes it’s just great to sit down with brush, paint and canvas then throw on some of the thoughts in my head. Very freeing and extremely calming.

As a kid I loved to color. Coloring has always given me this happy, humming, smiling, life is just fantastic feeling…..especially when I got to color with my Mom or Grandma. Now I get that same lovely hug from when I paint.

Go out this weekend and find YOUR lovely hugs in life! And remember, Life comes with a limited time offer, use it wisely 😉