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Florida Deputy Makes a Splash with Swimsuit Rescue

In the wild world of law enforcement, sometimes you just have to improvise. Can you say Swimsuit? Case in point, Florida Deputy Warner from the Volusia Sheriff's Office. On a typical day, you'd expect her to be rocking the classic cop uniform, complete with a badge, belt, and a stern "I mean business" look. But not on this fateful day. Deputy Warner had her priorities straight. She wasn't just out there to patrol the beach; she was ready for a beach day herself, and who could blame her? According to WFLA, when she spotted a couple of boogie boarders in distress off Daytona Beach, she didn't hesitate. But instead of the standard police issue swimsuit (wait, is that a thing?), she had her trusty bathing suit on underneath her uniform. Talk about being prepared for the unexpected! Deputy Warner grabbed her radio and hollered for backup. Because let's face it, even a fearless deputy might need a hand when saving lives in the unpredictable waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Baywatch Style: And just like a scene from an action movie, the dashcam footage captured her sprinting towards the ocean, revealing her secret swimsuit weapon. It's like Baywatch meets Bad Boys. But Deputy Warner wasn't alone in her aquatic escapade. Two lifeguards from Volusia County Beaches joined the party, and together, they made a lifesaving dream team. The boogie boarders, initially in a watery pickle, soon found themselves on the receiving end of this impromptu rescue operation, looking no worse for wear. And as if this story couldn't get any more Florida, a lifeguard unit swooped in just in time, adding even more flair to the beachside rescue. Deputy Warner just proved that sometimes all you need to save the day is a swimsuit and a little bit of courage. Who needs a superhero cape when you have a beach towel and some sunscreen? Stay beachy, Florida! [select-listicle listicle_id="384079" syndication_name="this-florida-beach-is-the-3rd-most-picturesque-in-america" description="yes"]

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