As the temperatures heat up in Southwest Florida, the air conditioners have stepped up to the challenge. In many cases, too good. Women’s Winter is here. And women in the office are suffering.

One Fort Myers resident remarked about her workplace  “I have to keep 2 sweatshirts at work because sometimes one isn’t enough, it’s freezing in here!”

Women's Winter hits Jess

Jess (pictured) dresses warm for work, but keeps an extra sweater handy even though it’s June.

So why do Southwest Florida women suffer more than the men? It seems a little sexist, but maybe women want to dress for the season. A sleeveless dress, tank top, maybe a skirt. Flip flops or open toe shoes. All of this works perfectly in the Southwest Florida summer. As long as you’re outside.  One Cape Coral worker told us:

“I certainly don’t want to be sweating in the work place. However, busting out sweaters in June, that I didn’t even wear in January, isn’t quite right either. Sometimes, I’ll heat an empty coffee mug in the microwave and hold it to my chest to warm up. It’s THAT cold in here.”

The New York Post has shared some insight on the topic “According to a 2015 study, temperatures are based on the metabolic rates of men, while a 2019 study also found that ice-cold office temperatures hinder women’s productivity.”

Our building here in Estero struggles with Women’s Winter as well. Here’s Marija at B1039 (left) and Gina at Sunny 1063.

Marija and Gina in Women's Winter


So ladies of Southwest Florida, know that you do not suffer alone. The hotter it gets outside, the colder it’ll get at your desk. And it’s not just here. This is a nationwide problem.

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