Earlier this summer, the career site Zippia reported that there are 201,865 fast-food restaurants in the United States. World Population Review cracked into that information even further when they detailed the fast food business in each state, and in Florida the top-rated chain is relatively new to the region.

Zippia’s information states that Subway has the most locations, with 20,622 restaurants. That’s roughly 5,000 more than Starbucks. Furthermore, the report states, “the global fast food industry is worth $907 billion as of 2023.” That equates to 50 million people consuming fast food items a day in America.

In Florida, the top-rated fast food chain in the state is also the most searched-for restaurant, according to World Population Review’s data. They have options for every meal. In fact, Florida has the third most of these locations in the country, with 243.

We’re talking about Chick-fil-A

Unique breakfast items like the chicken biscuit and consistent lunch or dinner items like their traditional sandwich help make Chik-fil-A the top-rated fast food chain in Florida. Most of them include an efficient drive-thru process where it is common to see an employee outside taking orders with an iPad. In addition, there is outdoor seating on the patio. Zippia reported chicken has 8% of the fast food market share (burgers are 31%)

Though this popular chicken restaurant was named the top-rated, the fast food chain that is headquartered in Tampa also made an appearance on World Population Review’s list. It appears a quick chicken sandwich is quite desirable in the Sunshine State. PDQ was named the best iconic fast food brand in Florida.

In addition to Florida, 33 other states agreed that Chick-fil-A is the top-rated fast-food chain in America. They were joined by other popular establishments like In-N-Out, Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, and Five Guys burgers. Raising Cane’s has five locations in Florida. In-N-Out burgers remains primarily a west coast chain, however.

Two Florida Restaurants Named Among The Best For French Fries

Do you want fries with that? Tasting Table recently published a list of restaurants with the best French Fries in the country and two New Florida establishments were named.

“From high-end steakhouses and neighborhood brasseries’ to fast food restaurants and even grocery store freezer aisles, fried spuds can be found in just about every type of restaurant or shop across the country,” Tasting Table explains. Their feature is specific to non-fast food restaurants.

French Fries are always a fan-favorite whether a side dish, an appetizer, or just a snack. They come in all shapes and sizes. Shoe strings crispy versions, thick-cut steak fries, seasoned curly fries, waffle fries, and even tater tots (are those considered fries, though?).

French Fry Fun Facts

In a 2019 story published by the Daily Meal, they discussed unique facts on French Fries in America. Two of the most fascinating have to do with McDonald’s. “Approximately 7 percent of the potatoes grown in the U.S. meet the same fate: they become McDonald’s french fries,” they said. They later stated that this fast food chain sells one-third of the French Fries consumed in the United States.

French Fries are like music. They are a common bond, and they are subjective. What one person prefers may be completely different from another. Better yet, both choices are correct.

For example, Best Things Florida released their list of best French Fries in the Sunshine State. It is completely different from Tasting Table’s. However, Tasting Table went and explored all corners of the country to crown their French Fry kings.

The two restaurants in Florida that were recognized for having some of the best French Fries in the country serve two very different styles. One of them is part of a restaurant that has expanded to other markets. The other is served in a restaurant where fries compliment BBQ.

  • Broken Shaker - Miami

    Located on 2727 Indian Creek Dr. in Miami Beach, Broken Shaker has fries that are so good, they even get their own line item on the menu. These are Shawarma Fries, served with Harissa ketchup. You can order them on their own or have the fries paired with any of their burgers or sandwiches. Although Broken Shaker does also have restaurants in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Madrid, their menus show a some different takes on their hand-cut fries in certain markets. For example, Los Angeles has Carne Asada fries. New York and Miami both have the Shawarma recipe.


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  • The Polite Pig

    “In terms of meaty all-American food pairings, french fries go just as well with barbecue as they do with burgers,” Tasting Table exclaims. The Polite Pig is located in Disney Springs. They describe their menu by saying, “Our menu is inspired by the best seasonal food that Florida has to offer, bringing new twists to local flavors and BBQ.” They serve waffle fries with a polite rub. They can be selected as a side to any dish or in a giant platter to accompany your catering order. In addition, sweet potato tots are on the menu as well.


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