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Florida Will Not Be Getting The World’s Largest Buc-ee’s

When it comes to convenience stores and truck stops, we all have our favorites and many residents of the Sunshine State are angry that Florida will not be getting the world's largest Buc-ee's. I do a lot of traveling, but usually by plane more than the road trip route. I think because Fort Myers is so far south, I just don't have the patience to sit in the car long enough to even leave the state. My friends and family that love taking cross-country drives always rave about Buc-ee's being the greatest stop on the road. My brother is a BBQ fanatic and he can't say enough good things about the brisket sandwich. My mom called me after her first bite of the Beaver Nuggets. The closest Buc-ee's to us here in Southwest Florida is Daytona Beach, but one a little closer is coming. Florida Will Not Be Getting The World's Largest Buc-ee's A new Buc-ee's store will be opening north of Ocala in Marion County. It was said that it would be the world's largest Buc-ee's, which had many Floridians very excited. But then the letdown came when it was announced that no, Florida would not be getting the world's largest Buc-ee's and instead Texas would. The original plan for the new store was that it would be 80,000 square feet. But this week, according to Daily Mail, it was announced that the store would actually only be 74,000 square feet. Still, a huge store, but with the 6,000 less square feet, it would not be the world's largest after all. So where is the world's largest Buc-ee's? That would be a new store opening soon in Luling, TX, south of Austin that will be 75,000 square feet. No exact date is set for the Marion County Buc-ee's, but it sounds like it could open sometime in 2026.  

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