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2nd ANNUAL BEASLEY BIKE DRIVE: Beasley Media Group Southwest Florida Radio Stations Come Together to Present 2nd Annual Beasley Bike Drive Annual event to benefit needy children during the Upcoming…

Human Interest

Here’s a great negotiation point with your boss: ‘Give me at least three weeks of vacation and I will live longer!!’ Scientists discovered that at least three weeks off each year can extend life expectancy. They studied middle-aged executives over 40 years.  The executives had at least one factor that lead to cardiovascular disease. Those who took less than three weeks off had a 37 percent greater chance of dying early. The bottom line is that even if you are somewhat healthy, overworking can lead to an early departure from earth. Take your time off!  How much vacation do you take yearly? When was the last time you have three weeks off in the course of a year?