Recent Lakeland Florida UFO Video Could Be the Real Deal.

Hold onto your oranges, Florida, because things just got extra weird! We’ve seen our fair share of UFOs here in Fort Myers. I have even seen one in Cape Coral myself! However, recently a video from Lakeland has captured the attention of many. According to Brobible, the video features two glowing orange orbs performing impressive aerial maneuvers in the sky. The eyewitness who recorded the video plans on submitting a follow-up to the Pentagon, who is currently investigating over 650 UFO sightings.

Check Out This Crazy Video! 

Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, head of the Pentagon’s UFO investigative office, and former Harvard Astronomy chair Avi Loeb have suggested that these UFOs that defy the laws of physics could be tiny probes from a “parent craft” sent to study Earth. These probes are designed to explore Earth and other planets in our solar system while the parent craft passes by. Apparently, these probes are so tiny and stealthy that existing survey telescopes won’t be able to detect them, making them the ultimate covert ops of the universe.

The Real Deal:

Could the orbs in the Lakeland video be these tiny probes? It’s possible, according to Scott Waring, a self-proclaimed UFO expert. He suggests that these orbs are friendly and like to perform for curious humans. Apparently, they monitor the thoughts of eyewitnesses through telepathy and record the information for future reference. So, if you happen to see a glowing orb in the sky, don’t be alarmed! Just smile and wave for the extraterrestrial cameras.

Who knows what kind of secrets these probes are gathering as they explore our planet? Perhaps they’re searching for the best Cuban sandwich. Who knows?  Regardless, as long as they’re not posing a threat, us Floridians might as well enjoy the show! Just keep your eyes peeled and your cameras ready, because you never know what kind of interstellar performance you might witness next. Maybe they’ll even give us a little encore of their loop-the-loop routine!


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